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Sometimes carrying cash isn’t an option. ICRTouch’s TouchTopUp box is for any place that’s using a cashless system and linked pre-paid customer accounts. It’s designed to be used in prisons, schools, hospitals, leisure centres, factories and more. When it’s needed customers can top-up their accounts at a time to suit them. All they need is a little bit of change. Cashless systems enable customers to credit balances online, but when the internet isn’t available TouchTopUp is a secure and easy way to do it with cash TouchTopUp features on-screen prompting to assist customers with their transactions. It means staff won’t have to spend their time demonstrating how it works. TouchTopUp accepts UK coins (5p to £2) and notes (up to £20), but that’s not all. TouchTopUp is easily switched to accept different tender. It’s already used and loved in the Eurozone.

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